03 May 2009

Pesto Pasta with Pea Shoots and Arugula

Everything I brought home from the market was green, green, green. So when 9:00 rolled around last night and I realized I hadn't had dinner and needed to whip something up quickly, I decided to make something green. A salad yes, but something more. I brought out some pesto from the freezer and made this pasta as the side dish for the giant salad of a million mixed greens. Everything tasted so clean and green. It was the closest a meal could come to tasting like a glass of water.

Pesto Pasta with Pea Shoots and Arugula
4 oz rotini pasta
1 ice cube of pesto
4 strands of pea shoots
4 strands of arugula
Prepare pasta as directed; drain; return pasta to the pot and cover; add the ice cube of pesto and allow to melt; add the pea shoots and arugula and allow to wilt. Top with a tiny, tiny bit of cheese.

Salad of Million Greens
several kinds and colors of lettuce
mixed greens
pea shoots
chinese radish sprouts
green onions
garlic chives
Top with a tiny bit of cheese and a superfluous splash of dressing if you must.


Mirna said...

I just got hungry. That looks very tasty.

Emily said...

Thanks, Mirna! It was delicious!

tom the farmer said...

With this blog, everything begins with P.

Emily said...

Maybe I should call it "p-arugula" just to be consistent.