02 May 2009

Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones

Snowie the mascot

I found out about this charming idea last fall at the end of their season and have waited all winter to try one. These are snow cones made all naturally - no artificial, chemical, dubious, specious, untrustworhty, unpronouncable flavorings here. Instead, owner and snow cone doyenne Lindsay Laricks uses real food with real flavor to flavor these real snow cones. ("I think high fructose corn syrup is the devil," says Lindsay). And really, why shouldn't the world include all-natural fun food?

the trademark trailer

The best part of ordering your Fresher Than Fresh snow cone is that the little ice-shaving machine that makes the snow sounds like a drum roll from inside the minty 1957 Shasta trailer. Standing outside the trailer, you hear a tiny, tinny, toy-drum drum roll that prefaces the delicate circus trick that is the snow cone. We ordered one blackberry lavender and one ginger rose and I couldn't believe the flavors; an astonishing performance. The lavender was clear and fresh and brought the blackberries down to earth; the ginger rose was pastel and smooth. No harsh tang, no cloying artificiality. Just pure flavors paired perfectly.

ginger rose and blackberry lavender in 100% compostable cups made of corn

The good news this year is that FTF will have a permanent location on Saturdays in the garden across from Blue Bird Bistro at 1700 Summit. Lindsay will also be dishing up her unique treats on First Fridays in front of Hammerpress. Check out schedules and flavors - including daredevil flavors - on the FTF blog, become a fan of FTF on Facebook, follow FTF on Twitter ... and be sure to stop by in person for a very nice treat in real life.

FTF season opener at Hammerpress on First Friday, May 1


Anne said...

I have never liked snow cones (or should I say "sno cones"?). Eating flavored ice--I just never got it. But these flavors sound right up my alley! I will have to give it a shot.

Emily said...

Yes, yes. You should give it a try. I'm really impressed with how interesting these are - not the stuff I remember eating dis-interestedly as a kid.

anita said...

we just bought a vintage camper...
and i found lindsey via your blog here..
thanks to you both for the burst
of inspiration!
such a fresh and happy idea!

Emily said...

Cool - A vintage camper! What are you going to do with it? Hope you get a chance to try Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones - they are so good!