21 May 2009

Peach Mint Smoothie (in honor of Magazines and Coffee)

A while back there used to be a delightful place called Magazines and Coffee. It was a small, endearing deli-type spot that specialized in (you guessed it) magazines and coffee. It had Kansas City's most thorough array of periodicals, it had delicious coffee, it had TWA decor that gave the whole place great charm. But it also had food and other drinks, too, and I loved to go for lunch and get a Provolone and Basil sandwich and a Mango Mint Smoothie. Mango and mint? I hadn't seen that combo before. But just one sip and I was sold on it.

I was heart broken when Magazines and Coffee had to say good-bye and it's been a long time since I had a Mango Mint Smoothie. When yesterday's CSA share came with a big bunch of mint, I remembered I had frozen peaches (local, from last summer) and frozen peaches make great smoothies. So I made a mostly-local Mango and Peach Mint Smoothie in honor of Magazines and Coffee. It was divine.

Mango and Peach Mint Smoothie

I did not measure anything (rare for me) and had to call on Master Smoothie Maker Sergio for advice. But here's how it goes, roughly:

frozen peaches (local!)
frozen mango (from an undisclosed location - optional)
honey (local!) or agave nectar
milk (local!) or soy milk
mint (local!), chopped very finely
a blender

I used two kinds of mint - last week's and this week's. One has smaller leaves and is thin, the other has larger, thicker leaves and stalks. The two flavors afforded by using both types of mint offered a range of mintiness that was quite nice.

Now if only I had a Provolone and Basil sandwich and the newest issue of something to read.


jessica said...

Yum! My husband and I have heaps of mint growing in our herb bed this year (we are also members of Fair Share) and this smoothie is just the idea we needed! Thank you so much!

Emily said...

Cool! Glad this idea is helpful! You know the other thing we like to do with mint is include it in salads just chopped up with lettuce and some feta and zaatar. This smoothie, that salad, (and mojitos, of course) are some of my favorite things to do with mint.

jessica said...

Thanks for the great ideas! We are trying to branch out from behind the tea "comfort zone" when it comes to using mint. We are excited to experiment.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog! Nice recipe!!!

I'm trying this peach mint smoothie tonight!!

Don't have any mango thou!

Roman, from Paris

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That smoothie tastes really good! Thanks for the new recipe, as we have WAY TOO MUCH MINT and were thankful for a way to get rid of some of it without wasting! Thanks again:) -Maddie, USA