16 December 2008

Snow Day

Today was a snow day, so to speak. This does not mean the same thing at this stage in my life that it meant when I was younger, but I still get excited about the snow as though I were a kid. It doesn't matter that I still have to go to work when it snows and it doesn't matter that I don't have the time or interest to play in the snow. (Although that snow angel I made a few years ago was kind of fun.) There's still something exciting about the possibility of it all, of just knowing that I could go out and make a great snowman or enjoy a day free of obligations, given the right circumstances. Those prospects, even if unrealized, are delightful.

Yes, I believe it's official now: I could not enjoy life in a place that does not have seasons like this.

old St. Patrick's in the snow
cold covering of snow outside, warm glow of lamp inside


Anne said...

As a kid, I had the same joy in snow days as everyone else, but my perspective was a little different, because my dad was the superintendent, which made him about 50% of the snow-day-decision-making team. (The other 50% was the facilities director. They'd both have to get up in the pre-dawn hours and go out to see how bad the roads were. Not an enviable task.) So for me, a snow day, or even just a POTENTIAL snow day, also meant extra-tired parents and a kind of noisy house in the morning, as the phone kept ringing--the facilities director, other administrators, the radio station, teachers/coaches/parents wanting early word.

I still believe in snow days, including the kind where I stay home with no obligations. :) It is indeed delightful.

Ben said...

We're having a snow day here in the Pacific Northwest right now! This is unusual for us, as we generally take our precipitation in the form of long drizzly periods.

I have a long-running fantasy scenario where I own four houses around the world, one for each season. Thus I can be assured of snowy winters, sunny summers, and [adjective] spring and falls. This is pure indulgence obviously, as I'm not on track to own one house for another 29 years. A possible compromise would be to live on a sailboat and just sail it to wherever the weather was best. Migrate with the wales from Alaska to Mexico!

Emily said...

"Transitional" springs and falls?

I agree with you on all those seasonalities. I think KC offers that to some degree, although the unpredictability of the weather makes for some inconsistencies all year round. Like one year our spring lasted like a week and a half, but last year our it only felt like summer for like five days.

So if you migrate with the whales, I'll just come visit you wherever you are so I can enjoy proper seasons when KC's weather goes off kilter.

Enjoy your snow!