01 December 2008

A Little Christmas

It's December 1 and already I am really craving Christmas. However, I have determined that this year there will be no time for much of a display around here. No time for a tree or garland - no time for ornaments - no time to bake things - no time for the Saul Steinberg Christmas plate - no time for "Love, Actually." Only time for school work and travel. If it weren't for tight deadlines looming on the horizon, I'd probably have already whipped out the ornament box, made some hot cider and played Vince Guaraldi on the iPod. *sigh* But there is no time for that.

So, today when I got two little bits of Christmas in the mail - it was not a moment too soon. Perhaps I'll hang them on the houseplants in lieu of a tree.


Anonymous said...

the santa man is beautiful!

Emily said...

Thanks, "LC"

It's a plush ornament of an illustration my friend Mirna did - it's from a children's book she illustrated called "When Santa Turned Green" - check out the website - www.mygreensanta.com - her illustrations are beautiful! You can see more of her work at the Two Headed Beast link in my Blog Roll.

- e.