24 May 2011

Solid Foods

tiny baby; big high chair

Julia has been eating solid foods (a strange name the first foods after breast milk because they really aren't solid at all) for about 2 months now. She has done so well so far.

(left to right, top to bottom: banana, carrot, green beans + acorn squash, rice cereal, green beans, carrots + spinach, spinach + sweet potato, acorn squash, spinach)

We started her on rice cereal. Well, we actually started her on quinoa - WAY too flavorful for a first taste. So back to rice cereal. Then made our way through the moderate selection of vegetables in the freezer, all local and organic, all steamed, Vita-Mixed, and sealed with the Food Saver. She likes the orange vegetables quite a bit and the green vegetables, if they're mixed with the orange ones (2:1 ratio, orange:green).

formerly carrots

She's also tried banana (a favorite), avocado (a sometimes favorite), and apple (too soon to tell). We did give her a solid - truly solid - hunk of apple to gnaw on the other day. She loved that.

nature's lipstick

And last week, I'm proud to report, she ate beets! After she handled that strong flavor so well, I'm pretty sure we can try the quinoa again. We're off and running now!

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