10 May 2011

Being a Mom

On Mother's Day, Sergio asked me if I enjoy being mom. Several people have asked me that and I always answer yes. But it's never just about "being a mom." It's never about the fundamentals of motherhood - the care-taking tasks, diaper-changing or feeding, the world of the baby - though I do enjoy all those things. It's never about just having a baby, even though I do enjoy having a baby. No, the thing I love about being a mom is, most simply... Julia.

Julia and her mommy on Mother's Day

She never ceases to surprise and delight. I love that we belong to each other, are attached to each other, and are totally changing each other's worlds with each day that passes.

So, yes - I enjoy being a mom. But more than anything, I enjoy being Julia's mom.


Jeanee said...

How perfect is this photo?!?

Emily said...

Thanks, Jeanee! :)

Joyce Denton said...

I re-read this, and it is quite likely the sweetest and most heartfelt thing I have read in a long time... or ever.