08 June 2011

Primos in Colorado (Reunion 1)

Sergio comes from a big family - 12 cousins on his dad's side. This year, for the first time ever, the primos decided to have a reunion. Cousin Ana hooked us up with a fantastic cabin in Cuchara, Colorado and 8 cousins plus their families gathered for a wonderful vacation over Memorial Day weekend.

8 of the 12 primos - we're hoping for all 12 next year!

With the families of the 8 primos, we ended up being a party of 19, which required two of these lovely cabins in Cuchara. We all had a blast - from the littlest, to the oldest - we played games, saw deer, savored the incredible weather and scenery, and ate a-plenty.

Primitos - L to R Sydney (18mos), Vaughn (4), Nina (4), Julia (8 mos), MiaBella (18 mos), and Emilio (18 mos)

Cuchara is in the southern part of Colorado, near La Veta - which, we learned, is pronounced "luh veetuh," not "lah vehtah," which is why the lady at the airport looked confused when we tried to tell her where we were headed. In this part of CO, there are, purportedly, bears. So I was a little nervous about our outdoor excursions. Fortunately, the only beers we saw were the decorative type, of which there were several.

The only bear we saw - phew!

The gorgeous locale was a perfect background for quality time together and lots of fun memories made. We are already looking forward to a 2012 Primos reunion!

the mountains

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Anne said...

Yes, there are bears! Black bears live in the immediate vicinity around my family's cabin (which, being near Westcliffe, is not far from Cuchara as the crow flies). We saw one last summer, which was the first time I'd seen one in person. Several years ago, my mom actually had one come up on the porch while she was inside...all that separated her from the bear was the screened door! Fortunately, the bear wandered off.