28 March 2011

Eat Local and Organic Expos

Week one back in the workplace was wonderful. I got right back into the groove, and it felt (in a good way) like I never even left. Julia and Sergio did just fine at home without me; she's eating and sleeping well and Sergio's having a blast.

So what better way to put a cap on that first week of transition and to prepare for the second week back - and to celebrate Spring, despite the snow! - than to see all my farmer friends and to stock up on fresh food at the Eat Local Expo last Saturday in Independence.

Forsythia for spring - Independence Expo

I bought a big batch of salad greens, micro greens, scallions, carrots, and my favorite spring delicacy - peashoots. The snow outside my window last night seemed far, far away from the newness and freshness of the scallions and peashoots that I was packing into my salad for lunch today.

I'll be going back for more next Saturday at the Eat Local and Organic Expo in Shawnee. See you then?

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