15 March 2011

33 beers: Cantillon Grand Cru Lambic

This month I've been craving beer way more than usual, which I'm sure is due to Sergio enjoying - and then blogging about - a different beer each night to celebrate his 33rd birthday. You can read about each beer, see each beer buddy, and watch each video at his blog 33beers.net. But here you can read about tonight's beer as I'm copying onto my blog my post as guest blogger from his blog.

This week our symphony season tickets renewal packet arrived in the mail, complete with a map of the brand new Kauffman performing arts center. (What does this have to do with beer? Serge, I think your guest blogger had a leetul too much to drink!) (It does have to do with beer! Wait for it…) Sergio evaluated the map to find the best seat in our price range; he always knows how to find the best seat in the house. I’m ignorant when it comes to acoustics, so I’m lucky that I’m always sitting next to Sergio and thus I’m always getting great seats.

As it goes with acoustics, so it goes with beer. (See!) Sergio has a more finely tuned palate than I do. I don’t know much about beer; but I know what I like. And most of the time, when Sergio recommends a beer to me, I like it. And so I’m lucky that I’m always drinking beer with Sergio, and always enjoying some really tasty brews.

Tonight’s beer was an experience unlike any other. It was the least beer-like beer I’ve ever had. And definitely something I couldn’t have appreciated without Sergio’s insights. He shared all his recently-acquired knowledge about lambic ales (or “iambic,” as the autocorrect wants me to say – which is appropriate for the Ides of March, says Sergio) and I was better able to enjoy this peculiar, flat, sour ale that reminded us of something … What is it? … Something … Can’t put my finger on it … Ah ha! Sergio figured it out (of course)! That’s what it is! (Watch the video to find out.)

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