08 July 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

official birthday name plate

My dad turned 70 on June 26. So at the last minute, I decided to make a quick trip back to OKC to celebrate, and to see my brother and nephews, also in town for the time being. And I'm so glad I did.

Dad reading his list

For our gift for my dad, the whole family chipped it to create a book - "70 Things to Love about Winford/Dad/Papa." It was a great list - a great gift - and we had no trouble, whatsoever, compiling 70 distinct that we love about him. Our list was ample, and Dad was so surprised and delighted.


One of the first things we put on the list was a lighthearted affirmation of Dad's "commitment to grass." This addition was inspired by the fact that he spent much of the afternoon on his 70th birthday edging and mowing the lawn. Which we thought was noteworthy.

After all, a man doesn't get awarded Bush Hills Yard of the Month (June 2007) just based on his easy sense of humor, his strong and steady nature, and his natural and genuine respect for all people. He has to work a little, too, you know. Even on his birthday.

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teresa said...

it's a constant struggle to keep our lawn from looking scary--your dad is an inspiration. happy birthday to him!