25 June 2010

Visit from Beto and Lindsey (a photo essay)

Sergio's cousin and his wife came to KC for a visit a few weeks back, in time to watch the opening match of the mundial between Mexico and South Africa. The start of the world cup and the start to a whole delightful weekend of quality time with Beto and Lindsey.

Beto and Lindsey in KC for the weekend, all the way from Texas.

Scrabble "IRL" - with iPad and iPhones

incredible ice cream at Glacé

fun with the fun-house mirror at Architectural Salvage

a classy night out at the roller derby where we picked out names for ourselves, should we ever join the KC Roller Warriors: The Serg-eon General, EMilitia, The Beto-nator, and Linz Flare

a wonderful weekend


Beto said...

This really was a GREAT Weekend! So much so that we had to go back... And we enjoyed it just as much! Thanks again for your wonderful hospitaly! We hope to host you and Sergio sometime soon! :)

Beto said...

*hospitality. Oops!

Lindsey said...

We so enjoyed spending the weekend with you guys! You & Sergio are amazing hosts and so much fun to be with! Thanks for everything! ...so should we start planning our next trip?