03 June 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We traveled to Oklahoma last weekend. Our first stop was in Tulsa for a surprise graduation party for our friend Jon (of ThanksVegan fame) who has just completed his masters degree. Erin pulled off a very nice surprise complete with many homemade cupcakes and big, vegan pizzas. Jon never had a clue until he walked into his kitchen and saw us all standing there surrounded by streamers.

dog's-eye view of Jon and some lettuce and grass

Sergio at the Philbrook

We had a nice (but too short) visit. We spent some time scampering with the canine entourage through Jon and Erin's substantial back yard garden, and then enduring the heat amid the phenomenal edible landscape in the garden of the Philbrook Art Museum. When we weren't watching food grow we were eating food, and otherwise having a splendid time catching up - as we always, always do.

tofu bacon and vegan yum yum pancakes for breakfast (yum yum indeed)

Erin and delicious fries in hibiscus sauce at Hibiscus

I wish we could have stayed longer. But late Saturday night we whisked ourselves a little further south to OKC in order to see my family, particularly my grandmother who celebrated her 89th birthday on Memorial Day.

Mema and me

I spent some good quality time with Mema, also in her garden. We picked a few blackberries, admired the poppies (so numerous), and she helped me to imagine what her wealth of roses, all gone now, looked like in their full bloom just a few short weeks ago.

blackberries and poppies

And, while I was visiting, my mom and I even made enough time to go to the fabric store to look for some things for the baby's room and to talk all about the impending arrival.

Tyler says, "You've got a lot of reading to do."

It was a wonderful visit, but so, so short, as always.

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