03 January 2010

Snow KC

snow in the sun

As luck would have it, my first Christmas at home in KC was a white one. Well, I consider this luck, but I seem to be alone in this camp; there are as many complaints around this town as there are sullied, gray snow piles. But never mind those - the long clear paths of white are still out there if you look for them and they are lovely to me. AND I made a fantastic snow angel, my first in years.

rain boots in the snow at Christy and Armando's - perfect patch for a snow angel

I'm lucky in that I don't have to shovel my own drive - somebody (maintenance at our apartment? The city of KCMO?) does it for me. And I'm lucky in that my travel plans weren't severely delayed or impeded. Christmas day we took an extra half hour getting ourselves (and fellow stuck travelers) up that back side of hospital hill trying to get to Christy and Armando's. And another extra half hour on our journey to OKC the day after Christmas during which the roads were neither "completely snow packed" nor "ice," as the Kansas Department of Transportation had indicated.

snow family in OKC - note the snow baby in a snow stroller

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day we were back in KC where it continues to be super cold - as cold as Russia. According to the weather app on my phone, we've been neck and neck with Moscow for a few days now. But the festivities continued unhampered - after a birthday brunch for Joyce we all braved the bitter chill to ring in the new year together at Fogo de Chão, which, believe it or not, has a remarkable salad bar. And while the rest of our party enjoyed the highest quality meats carved right at the table, I imagined a restaurant that serves salad table side. "Roasted Chiaggo Beets?" "Hearts of Palm?" "Grilled Carrots?" the servers would ask each time they arrive at your elbow with their serious carving knives and top quality veggies on spits.

Orange Pound Birthday Cake with Orange Glaze and Orange Zest (and Vitamin C!)

I spent New Year's Day, a.k.a. my anniversary, trying to remember exactly how cold it was seven years ago in Oklahoma the day we got married and our guests shivered outside the door of the church and threw lavender as we ran away.


Last night I finally took down the tree and today I'm deflating the air mattresses now that our holiday guests have reluctantly packed up their things and gone home to the DF (where it's 64 degrees). But for us, more snow last night, only 12 degrees here today, and I'm thinking I might make a few snow balls this afternoon before it's back to the daily grind tomorrow.

Sunday, January 3


LO said...

OK, I will grant you that the snow is really quite pretty. I took the dog out before dawn one of the days we got more snow - Saturday? there have been so many... - and observed how quiet and lovely it all was. That of course was before people up and down the street pierced the quiet with another round of shoveling....

I'm pretty sure the city of KCMo is not shoveling your drive, however. I applaud their efforts on the main streets, but we on side streets are praying for good fortune every time we venture out attempting to get TO the main streets without sliding into parked cars, trees or fire hydrants.

Jenni said...

haha, well the snow definitly hasn't stopped! I really do love the snow....just not the whole driving in it part. I get nervous and freak out as the car starts to slide around....but the fost snowflakes falling outside the office window right now are simply stunning. :)