20 January 2010

Drinking Chocolate

Well, last summer I got hooked on snow cones. Really hooked. Then, about a month after the snow cone season ended, when the weather had finally began to get chilly and I was just about ready for a new obsession, I was reminded of Christopher Elbow Drinking Chocolate.

drinking chocolate - that's drinking the modifier, not the verb

This was nothing new as I've been a fan of Mr. Elbow and his artisanal chocolates (strawberry balsamic is still far and away my fave) since he first started up in the tiny kitchen in the back section of the antique store on Southwest Blvd. But this year, since I was ready for my next fixation, I guess, when I was reintroduced to the drinking chocolates, I got hooked. Really hooked. It was a weekly thing at first - on Fridays before each trip to Badseed, just down the street from Christopher Elbow. Now that it's the new year all full of resolutions, I've cut back a tiny bit, but not without significant longing.

There are several flavors of drinking chocolate to choose from - Venezualen Spice, Mocha, Dark, Peanut Butter, and - I think - Curry. All delicious, I'm sure. But the one that steals my heart each and every time is the Peppermint. Truth be told, I could give up chocolate altogether if it weren't for the way that it tastes when combined with mint. And this combination of hot drinking chocolate with cool peppermint is something else.

pepp, indeed

If you're interested in marshmallows, I can tell you that your best bet is one marshmallow only and a lid (which traps the heat which melts the marshmallow which prevents you from having to messily fish the marshmallow remainder out at the end of your drink). Or, if you're marshmallow-averse, definitely go for a bit of Shatto cream. (OR, if you're a vegan, they will make the whole drinking chocolate for you with water instead of milk!)

Truly - you can't go wrong.

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kcimprovgeek said...

Oh. OH. Surely nothing can be as good as this looks...

JJSKCK said...

Have you not tried one of these, kcig? They are every bit as good, rich, and over-the-top flavorful as they look. It's almost hard to finish that little 6oz cup.
And E, if you like the strawberry balsamic chocolates, have you tried Elbow's strawberry balsamic ice cream? Aw yeah. They're opening an ice cream shop across from the Plaza library in a couple months.

Emily said...

Well, that bit of news just made my day, JJSKCK! I have NOT tried their strawberry balsamic ice cream, but I have no doubt I'll love it. I can't wait to visit their ice cream shop! Thanks so much for telling me!

Mom said...

Take me back there before warm weather sets in!

Deena said...

When you see Mr. Elbow, tell him there is definitely a market for his fine creations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Seriously.

Emily said...

This Kansas City original has branched out to San Francisco - maybe he'll open a shop in Moscow?