23 December 2009

Christmas at home

I finally have a tree again. In the last few years, end of semester school work and international travel plans have left me with no time for a full blown arbol. But this year, there was time. AND there was a farmer (Laura from Blue Door Farm!) willing to deliver to my door step a native, but invasive, Eastern Red Cedar. I will confess that these trees are sharp and require thick gloves and Benadryl cream. You might find that your house mate or spouse hates them. But I love them. And I love having a Christmas tree again.

A friend told me recently that I reminded him of silent film star Mildred Davis. I think I was channeling her when I topped my tree with this bow.

Self portrait

We had a heck of a time getting the tree to stand up straight. Our Christmas tree stand is woefully inadequate and the tree teetered and tottered as we ran around the apartment trying to find something to prop it up with. We finally settled on empty beer bottles.

"Beer fixes everything," said Sergio.

After Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad sent me home with lots of green and red goods from their yard - holly and something pronounced "you" that I don't know how to spell.

buffalo grass and holiday greens

on top of the piano, too

Sergio's folks brought all our stockings from Mexico - plus a new one for Lil Baby Pumpkin. Sergio adeptly hung them beautifully on our book case. They are half full already.

We're up to 9 now.

Merry Christmas


Jenni said...

Everything looks so beautiful!!! Merry Christmas dear! (Hopefully the snow will arrive soon!)

Anne said...

Beautiful post and beautiful home! Love your beer bottle props, the row of stockings, the self-portrait, and the gorgeous greenery. And by the way, I see the Mildred Davis resemblance, too! Merry Christmas, Emily and Sergio!

bellananda said...

absolutely lovely! (and it's "YEW".)



Emily said...

Thanks, Season - I couldn't even figure out how to google something I couldn't spell! Anyway ...

Merry Christmas to all of "yew!"