06 December 2009


Today was the KC Food Circle's annual meeting and several of us signed up to bring food. I was signed up to bring "something from Badseed." So on Friday I went to the market and bought a few things to bring. But it was mostly salad fixin's and I knew I couldn't bring salad to the meeting because we wouldn't have any forks but I didn't have time to prepare anything else and I really kind of wanted salad and so ... I went ahead and made salad. And put it on a stick.

I ran a some turnips, radishes, and cucumbers through the mandoline; I used a very mild, lettuce-like bok choi on the bottom and arugula on top; and I engineered it so the spiny part of the lettuce on the bottom and the half tomato on top held it all together. A plate full of these drizzled in dressing made for great finger food. If I do say so myself.


Jenni said...

Brilliant idea!!! (and they look beautiful on top of it!)

WebMinion said...

The salad-on-a-stick was marvelous... I had to move away fromt the table to avoid normal intake mode... ;} When I looked back again, everything had been assimilated except one, lonely cookie (and that was pretty good, too).

Thanks (again) for all you do, Em.

Lin Georgina Green said...

So innovative! They look terrific in the picture, I just want to eat a few right now. Gorgeous!