14 June 2009

The Fit is Go

The Fit with license plates

It's been one month since we bought our Honda Fit. I registered it and got our new license plates last week and Sergio installed them today. Our Fit is official now.

The day we bought the car, Sergio suggested we name it; he came up with a clever name, too. We decided in the end not to give it any name at all; but I still treat it tenderly as a thing which has been named. The Fit is cute and fun - a very well behaved pet. And it is the most fun I've had driving since I was 16. Driving a standard - now and then - makes me more in tune with the procedure of operating the vehicle and this makes it all more fun.

The newness of the car is a challenge to maintain. A bit of a fool's errand that we'll give up eventually, I'm sure. But for now we foolishly plow ahead with our lint roller and Armor All wipes and the - ahem - occasional trip to the car wash. I am relieved to have the Fit broken in with a smudge here or some dirt there. But it is also fun to remove those bits of detritus and restore the car to shiny and clean.

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mom said...

Your hint of a clever name leaves me wanting to know even though you decided not to actually name the pet.