15 November 2008

You Should Go to the Library

The Central branch of the Kansas City public library is hosting two very nice exhibits which I recommend highly to all.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats features photographs of families from around the world and the food that they eat in a week's time. They are all photographed in their dining rooms, surrounded by food. It is a fascinating array. Descriptions and explanations support the photos making for an enlightening view of what we typically don't think about that critically ... but what is absolutely essential to our being. It is interesting to note the amounts of food and how much processed food (or not-processed food) is a part of people's diets.

Illuminating Kansas City is a collection of photographs (photographer Kevin Sink) of Kansas City from a variety of interesting perspectives. There are some stunning shots and unique perspectives of the city, many downtown shots as well as views of the Plaza and some remarkable images of the Bloch building at the Nelson-Atkins.

Oh, and the library has books. Another good reason to go.


Heather Gibbons said...

Funny, I was going to mention "What the World Eats" to you today when we were talking about "We All Eat Dirt" (or whatever). H.

Emily said...

Yeah! That's true! I hadn't thought of that connection.

Hungry Planet is a great exhibit. The Powell Garden's edible garden talk that I told you about was actually in conjunction with the Hungry Planet exhibit. Don't you love how all these things converge?