25 November 2008

To Be Grateful

The most relevant aspect of Thanksgiving is obviously not the turkey, as we all can agree. But you have to admit that the bird features pretty prominently this time of year. And if you happen to be a vegetarian or a vegan, your version of this holiday will necessarily shift a little. In 2003, Sergio and our friends in Tulsa, Jon and Erin, became vegans, and the next year for Thanksgiving, we decided to get together to partake in an turkey-less meal. It was a great weekend - we spent hours and hours cooking and chatting and filling in the gaps of time that stretch and grow in long-distance friendships. Sergio cleverly named our event ThanksVegan and we had so much fun that weekend that we did it again the next year ... and the next ... and the next ...

This year we celebrated our Fifth Annual ThanksVegan. It is our tradition now. Jon pointed out that we have been doing ThanksVegan longer than we knew each other in college. Which was a startling, but nice, realization. Each year this holiday has been our spot of time to savor all the things we have in common - things much greater than the turkey missing from the table. But I am grateful for that missing turkey and for the opportunity it gave us to start this tradition of getting together with friends, about whom there is much to be grateful for.

home grown swiss chard from Jon & Erin's yard

trusty resources

Let's eat!

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