26 September 2012

Julia's 2nd Birthday

Julia turned 2 last Wednesday! The night before her birthday we said, "Julia, do you know what tomorrow is?" And she replied, "Juia's burday!" When we went in to get her on the morning of she immediately said, "It my burday!" She was thrilled and talked about her birthday for days. 

Julia - 2 yrs on Sept 19; Clara - 1 mo on Sept 17

We went low key for this year's party. So low key, especially compared to last year's when we had a theme and a ton of food and oodles of decorations and we invited everyone we knew. Last year we didn't have a newborn, of course. 

3 balloons, 24 pictures, some gifts

So when we were "planning" (by which I mean scrambling at the last minute because we had been too overwhelmed to "plan"), we decided to focus just on what Julia would love most, leaving out all the extraneous stuff that parents do that often goes unnoticed by the child. We knew she'd love her cousins and her aunt and uncles, and we figured she'd go for some cake. I bought balloons (for the kids) and put up Julia's monthly milestone pictures (for the adults); she opened presents, played with her cousins, ate some cake, and was on cloud 9 the whole time.

"wed nitten" (red kitchen)

Our big gift to her was this fantastic red kitchen that we stayed up until 1 AM assembling the night before. Wish I could have captured the look of pure delight on her face when she saw it.

My new theory: it's not a party without balloons! 

All that was on Wednesday night, on her actual birthday, but we didn't stop there. With a visit from Honey, Papa, Ling and Minli on the horizon, we decided to have a second party on Saturday so they could celebrate with us - this one at the park and also super simple. More balloons this time, some snacks, a playground, more cousins to play with, and incredible weather. Julia had a blast.

Clara at the park with Honey

And I had so much fun that I nearly felt like it was my own birthday. I enjoy Julia every single minute of every single day and most of the time I just can't believe how awesome she is.

Julia Minerva: 27.2 lbs and 33 inches of awesome 

I'm so glad she had a happy Birthday.

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