14 January 2011

Junior Milk Monster Association

Julia's initials or Junior Milk Monster Association

I'm gettin' a little crafty here on my maternity leave! I was inspired by the fantastic onesies that our friends and coworkers made for our shower last summer and I had some left over fabric samples, so I had this great idea to do a onesie with Julia's initials. So when my mom was in town for the baptism, she helped me get this project going. It took a tad bit longer than I thought it would and if we were to sell these puppies on Etsy we figured we'd want to charge about 50 bucks for them. Which is why this one is and will remain a one of a kind.

Sergio helped with the font. I should have let him do all the blanket stitching, too, instead of me - it would have come out a little less, um, homey-looking had his penchant for precision played a part. At any rate - I'm so stinkin' proud of this. And when she out grows it (in no time at all, I'm sure!), I'm making it into a pillow or something with a little more longevity than a 3-6 month onesie. It's too good to put away.

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