31 August 2010

More Than a Birthday (A Photo Essay)

Just a few images from the wonderful weekend during which I attended our fantastically warm and welcoming baby shower, celebrated my 31st birthday repeatedly, put the baby's room in order, and got a promotion at work - all with special guests, Mom and Dad, at every step along the way.

bouquet of flowers, herbs and vegetables from Badseed farm, courtesy of special shower guest Brooke Salvaggio - who knows exactly what I love

A selection of The Best Onesies in the World created by some of the most creative and considerate people you can imagine. Individualized, personalized, thoughtful, and unique - each one(sie) is perfect.

chasing arrows made from recycled (or upcylced?) green corduroy pants

The Nesting Dolls Onesie - a spot-on depiction - Sergio with his iPhone, Emily with her book, and Baby with his/her eco-friendly accoutrements

Dad and Sergio put furniture together; Mom and I made curtains; the baby's room finally exists!

birthday lunch at Spin and birthday dessert at Glacé. And yes, I have two ice creams in my hand and no, one of them is not Sergio's. One is an affogato to share with Mom and Dad. If you've had Glacé's affogato you won't question this at all.

a gift from Mom and Dad; a pedicure - just what the 8-months-pregnant birthday lady needed

"... and your big fat belly!"

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