16 March 2010

Believe it or Not

I'm pregnant. We found out two months ago and - three ultrasounds later - I still can hardly believe it's real. Yes, the nausea has made me believe. And the increasing waist line has made me believe. The fatigue was pretty convincing, too. But when I see that baby moving around on the screen, it's still just too good to be true.

The Fig, kickin' back

According to Baby Center, our baby was approximately the size of fig last week, so as has been our custom each week since we found out, we refer to it by its food corollary. The Blueberry. The Kidney Bean, The Kumquat, etc. "They grow up so fast!" Sergio wrote in our pregnancy planner as we moved from week to week. This week it's The Lime, but we're still calling it The Fig from last week; that one was most endearing to us.

I'm due September 26, about which I couldn't be more excited, since that's the same time frame as the birthdays of all four of the nieces and nephews on my side. We'll be waiting until then to find out whether it's a boy or a girl. Sergio thinks it's a girl; I have no premonition. Not yet anyway. I do have really elaborate and exhausting dreams - dreams about water, a dream about a pet dolphin, a dream that I gave birth to a dachshund. The miracle of life does strange things to the psyche.

Sergio and I have gone public and nearly completed our media campaign, which we launched a few days ago - by now I've received the most Facebook comments I've ever received. But not as many as Sergio - he won that contest. Either way, I'm thinking this kid is going to have lots of friends, even before s/he arrives. And that makes us feel all the more excited.


Ceci Jane said...

I've said it already, but congratulations... Babies bring lots of work, but also love and excitement, and flood of emotions you never thought possible.

How fun to wait until birth to find out the sex, we did that with Vaughn, and it was just perfect! Especially since it drives most everyone nuts. I loved being surprised.

Look forward to reading your updates as the pregnancy progresses.

teresa said...

i just remember that joke you used to make, "gotta get me one of those." indeed! congratulations again. :)

Deena said...

Love everything about this post, Emily! Smiling....

Emily said...

Thanks, Deena!

Chandra, when you say watermelon, you mean one of those small personal sized ones, right? :) I'll take advice from you, by the way.

Yes, Teresa, I just had to get me one of those. I can't take credit for that great joke - Sergio's last art director is the one with that smart retort.

Ceci - I didn't realize how annoyed people would be that we're waiting to find out! Oh well.

Laura Evrard said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Emily, you and Sergio are going to be amazing parents. I think it's really awesome (and sweetly old fashioned) that you are waiting to find out if you're having a girl or a boy. Wow! Congratulations (I cannot tell you congrats enough)!

k said...

so darn excited for you & sergio- can't wait to meet the fig. :)