22 November 2009

Leaf Bouquets (or Russian Fall during Indian Summer)

Autumn has already come and gone in Moscow, where my friends Sidney and Deena are living this year. Several weeks ago they wrote in a blog post about the beauty of a Russian fall, especially in Moscow where trees abound, and they told of a custom of making bouquets out of leaves. Of course! Leaves are just as colorful as flowers. Why wouldn't you make them into arrangements? I clicked through to this website to learn more.

Since fall here has been off the charts this year (and here's why), and since I've been trying to capture that, I knew right away that I would be making a leaf bouquet like these. Well, I'd try to, anyway. So on an Indian Summer weekend two weeks ago, I gathered as many leaves as I could from the church parking lot and from the neighborhood. And before they could get too brittle I set to work.

Sure, my technique may still need perfecting, but my little bundles make me happy.


Deena said...

Emily, they look lovely! They really turned out well. Next fall, we'll have to have a leaf bouquet party so you can share your new found skill. Thanks for sharing this. Your post was a wonderful holiday present for us. I hear they make ice sculptures in January, so get prepared.

Jenni said...

Oh this is so sweet!!! what a beautiful idea!!!

LO said...

These are just gorgeous! As a kid I'd try to preserve leaves between pieces of waxed paper -- it never occurred to me to make an arrangement out of them.

Emily said...

Ice sculptures!? *gulp* I don't know if I'm up for that!