24 October 2009


blue and red with power line

The colors have exploded this week. And maybe it's because there has been such a deficit of sunshine lately that I have been drawn like a moth to the flaming yellow and orange and red, perhaps in some primal pursuit of the vitamin D missing from an overcast week.

with church steeple (or Brookside pretending to be New England)

But here it is Saturday and the sun is FINALLY out for hours at a time. And still I am drawn to the colors and am staring in awe. I know they will be gone soon. So in the same way that I go to the farmers' market (which is where I was this morning) and buy way more than I need (which is what I was doing this morning) because I know the season will end (which it will soon) - I go through my day with my iPhone in hand and snap picture after picture, more than I 'need,' of every bright color that calls to me.

Take a picture; it'll last longer.


Post Script: Just saw this on NPR's website - "Why Leaves Really Fall Off Trees." It's partly because "leaves are basically the kitchen staff of a tree."


Mom said...

Very well said and very well captured.

LO said...

The iPhone in your hands does a very fine job. That shot of what I presume to be the trees along the trolley trail in Brookside is breathtaking.

Emily said...

Thanks, Mom!

Yes, Linda - I think that's the trolley trail - can't remember. It's Wornall south of 63rd. I was actually pretty surprised at how well that shot turned out. But don't tell my iPhone I said that.