09 March 2009

Pizza at Blue Bird Bistro

I went to Blue Bird Bistro tonight to eat a veggie burger with Sergio. And I had decided that I would, indeed, order the veggie burger. Except, when I got there, today's specials menu listed a pizza that I simply could not resist. Whole wheat thin crust, roasted garlic, apples, blue cheese, and spinach. It was love at first read. How could I say no? The black bean burger will always be there. Today's pizza will not. So I ordered it. And it was pristine.

The truth is - as much as I do love bread, most pizza crusts seem to me to serve merely as vehicles for the toppings, not as unique entities on their own. Not so with Blue Bird's housemade whole wheat thin pizza crust which stood on its own two feet as a delightfully flavorful bread. Oh, and those apples. Who thinks to put apples on a pizza? Blue Bird does. But it wasn't just the apples. It was the entire ensemble comprised of such familiar and friendly ingredients - so simple and pure. All of them together - AND together on the divine crust - resulted in perfection on a plate.

Blue Bird will always hold a special place in my heart for its devoted attention to the finest of details and for the concerted effort it makes to provide as much locally sourced food (and wine!) as possible. Did I mention that they list on the door each week's locally delivered ingredients? So you can see before you even set foot inside just where your food came from. Which makes for a trustworthy dining experience that is also delicious.

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