28 March 2009

Eleventh Annual "Eat Local!" Expo

Eleventh Annual "Eat Local!" Expo at the Shawnee Civic Center

The threat of a bit of bad weather was no match for the Food Circle's kick-off to the season today. Looming forecasts for multiple inches of snow were increasingly ominous. But the expo was raring to go at 9:30 anyway and there were patrons and locavores galore from the get-go.




There was so much green and so much growing. So many farmers and families selling so many great goods. It was a happy bustling place. While perusing the products, I found it easy to think all spring and possibility while ignoring the precipitation that was dampening the out of doors. In between stints of doing my part at the CSA Coalition table, telling anyone who would listen about Community Supported Agriculture, I ran around from booth to booth, snapping pictures and buying things. Buying a lot of things. I had a stash of cash in my wallet which I figured would be more than enough to buy a bit of everything. By the end of the expo, I was left with 15 cents. That is, 15 cents and two heavy bags full of local, local, local.

jams and jellies

tiny tractor and bags of flour

sold out at the end of the day


The snow had hit pretty hard by the time I left at the end of the expo. So I gathered up my goods and trekked very gingerly out into the slushy parking lot, hoping not to slip with my bag of local treasure. I'm anxious at the thought of what hindrances this inclement weather may bring to the local farms. But what a relief that so many were still able to come out today.

And now I am ready for something delicious.

My Inventory:
- 5 pounds local, certified organic, whole white wheat flour - Acme Grain, Soaring Eagle Farms, Edgerton, KS
- flax bread - Bread of Life, Stewartsville, MO
- rosemary farmstead sheep's milk cheese - Green Dirt Farm, Weston, MO
- jam (triple berry, white peach, jalapeño, and strawberry & rhubarb) - Golden Ridge Farms, Osawatomie, KS
- Raw Pecans - Golden Ridge Farms, Osawatomie, KS
- green eggs from free-range Araucana hens - Karbaumer Farms, Platte City, MO
- chives, green onions, spinach, and mustard greens - Huns Garden, Kansas City, KS
- mixed salad greens - KC Center for Urban Agriculture, Kansas City, KS
- raw honey - Ambrose Bee Pharm, Kansas City, MO
- mustard with sorghum - Sandhill Farm, Rutledge, MO

***Want to see more pictures from the Expo? Click here to see the whole set on Flickr. ***


Judy said...

Mema and I just looked at your blog. She says: "I can't imagine all the things you saw today that Mama Shorty and Mama Taylor would have claimed as their own." She reminisced about the berry patch and the onion patch and selling eggs. Nice memories for her. Thanks for the pictures. -- Mom

tammy smith said...

you took some great photos emily-have you ever considered food photography as a sideline?
i loved reading about this show-i didn't even know it was happening!
and thanks for the info on the reclaimed wood company-you're right about rick telling me about it...he and you have your fingers on the pulse.
take care-tammy

Deena said...

Emily, I'm wondering when your monthly Local Foods Newsletter will be coming out (I suggest coming up with a better title than I did)? Seriously, I think if residents in this area had resources, dates, and locations at their finger tips they would be more likely to support local farmers...just an idea. I really enjoyed reading this blog entry.

Emily said...

Mom - wish I could have been there for that conversation! Perhaps I'll bring it up again this weekend.

Thanks for your kind words, Tammy. I do enjoy the camera. About the Expo - there will be another one in Independence next weekend if you want to check it out: www.kcfoodcircle.org.

Thank you Deena! Love the newsletter idea. The food circle has a blog that's pretty good about that kind of info. http://kcfoodcircle.blogspot.com/ But I'm going to keep talking about it all on my blog, too. :)