14 February 2009

Chris & Mirna's Wedding

Our friends got married in Florida on Friday - Sergio and I were delighted not just to attend the wedding, but to be able to participate as well. Chris and Mirna asked us to officiate their ceremony for them, which we considered quite an honor.

The wedding was at a gorgeous mansion on the water front in Sarasota, the Crosley estate. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and the place was gorgeous, both because of its own outstanding architectural merits and because of Chris and Mirna's exquisite and artistic tastes. Everything reflected the bride and groom so perfectly and underscored just how well-suited they are together. The wedding cake was a delicious creation by a friend from work and was decorated by Mirna herself whose beautiful illustrations came to life in fondant ... Chris' son Alex, who was the best man, played "Here Comes the Bride" on his guitar (and did so perfectly, I might add) while Mirna and her dad came down the aisle. Chris and Mirna's affection for each other and the importance of their loved ones was evident in the arrangement of the ceremony, in their sincere and original vows ... indeed, in the beautiful presentation of the entire evening.

These are the things that one loves to see in weddings. And one is especially glad when one can be a part of such a wedding as well.

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Two Headed Beast said...

Our day would not have been as amazing as it was, had it not been for the two of you. We can't thank you enough... -m