18 March 2013

The Girls

Julia 2.5 yrs, Clara 7 mos
If I tried to record something about the girls everyday ... wait, actually I do record something about them everyday, in one of those little line-a-day journals. And yet I still can't find enough words to capture how quickly they grow, how remarkable they both are, how delightful they make our lives. They are distinct and unique in every way. Blue eyes/brown eyes, curly hair/straight hair, light skin/dark skin. Oh, but they both have Maybelline eyelashes ("maybe she's born with it?"). I am curious to see how their personalities differ (or not) as they grow up. Julia's personality is well on its way...

Julia and her ukulele
Julia got a ukulele for Christmas and plays it pretty often. Well, "plays" it. She also "tunes" it - or "fixes" it, as she calls it. (Then her dad has to tune it back later when he wants to play it.) Her favorite song to sing is "Red Red Robin" - she knows a lot of the lyrics. Her favorite music to listen to in the car is Enya; we hear less of that from the ukulele. In other news: she always likes to know where we are going first, what we are doing, and - inevitably - why. Yes we have entered the why stage and as endless as it is, I love it. She also likes to know everyone's names; people in books, people we pass on the street, the mail carrier, etc. Sometimes we ask perfect strangers their names; other times we just make stuff up!

Clara and her toes
Clara is nothing but sugar. A generally happy baby all around. She cries when she's hungry but is in great spirits most of the rest of the time. She is enamored with Julia, she puts everything in her mouth, and she babbles and cooes with the best of them. I swear she said "mama" the other day. Okay, not really. But she might as well have. I know she was thinking it. 

These babies are truly the best and I can't seem to get enough of either of them. Sergio and I don't take any of it for granted, not for one second. 

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