22 October 2012

Clara 2 months

sweet smile
Clara is 2 months old now and really starting to smile. She still likes to make a very surprised or skeptic look on her face. But she's adding to her repertoire, such as the face below in reaction to her sister's, um, guidance.

Clara's knowing glance.

Julia is still working on learning to be gentle. Such a hard lesson to learn. But she loves her little sister. And Clara is starting to notice and respond (turn towards) Julia when she hears her. So sweet to see the interaction begin. 

Julia - 25 months on the 19th 
Clara - 2 months on the 17th

The consensus is that Clara looks exactly like me, exactly like Sergio and exactly like Julia. We just think she looks like Clara.

During their week of doctor visits I inadvertently dressed them according to eye color; Julia in blue and Clara in brown. In other news, Julia' hemangioma looks great and Clara is weighing in at 11 lbs and 4 oz. Those are the medical reports for the week. Both girls are looking good!

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