18 September 2011

Julia's First Birthday Party

This is the post about the party. Perhaps tomorrow I will write the post about how utterly delightful Julia is and how fantastic my role as her mommy is and how much I have loved the last year. But for now ... pictures.

We chose a rainbow theme for her party; but of course the real bright ray of sunshine - especially on a rainy, overcast day, was Julia herself.

Julia's tia Christy made a perfect piñata for the party. And, carrying on the birthday tradition from my Mema's house, we brought out the extra special red plate.

Pom poms, courtesy of Lindsey, Christy, Minli, and Tyler.

Zig-zag streamers, with help from Ling.

Fruit plate.

Veggie plate - with blue potatoes! But I can't believe no one told me my orange and yellow were switched.



Jo said...

Awesome pictures-- I love the rainbow theme! And, I was going to give you a hard time about the vegetable plate, but I see you DID notice. ;) It look like you all had a wonderful time!

1st birthday photo invitations said...

She's so adorable, her celebration was simple yet so special. Happy 1st birthday sweetie!