20 April 2011

A Visit from Mom and Dad (aka "Honey and Papa")

Everyday when I come home, Julia is so excited to see me - she pumps her arms and kicks her legs and squeals a little bit. It's a good feeling. Another good feeling is going to pick up my parents at the airport for a weekend visit. Upon finally spotting my dad through all the people, I waved a reserved but happy "Hello!" from a distance - but on the inside, make no mistake, I was pumping my arms and kicking my legs and squealing a little bit. It is good to see my folks.

"Hey everybody! It's Papa!"

The main purpose of the trip, of course is undefined and general quality time. And we had lots of that. But we did some specific things, too. We were at the Nelson-Atkins almost all day Saturday, which turned out to be Slow Art Day (who knew!?). I think we complied with the name of the day - if not the official rules of the event - by taking our sweet time traipsing through the place. The Original Rules of Basketball was our first destination, though an installation in progress, some Dutch paintings, and this English owl stopped us on our way.

Owl Jug, England, 1670-1710, lead-glazed slipware; I stopped to look at it on behalf of Ju
lia Minerva

Dad and James Naismith

We arrived at - and enjoyed - the Rules exhibit, then dined at the Rozelle Court. By this part of
our day, Sergio had rejoined us, having excused himself for the morning to participate in Record Store Day (so much to experience on April 16!). He told us all about his lucky finds. After lunch we slowly made our way to the simple but stunning Monet exhibit (together again for the first time in 30 years!) - a must see. Truly.

in the Bloch building, capturing the moment, just before entering the Monet exhibit, where no photography was allowed

April 15 was a notable day as well. Dad remembered that it was Tax Day of 1979 when he and mom, who was pregnant with me, moved into the house I was to grow up in. Then, fast forward 32 years and it's Tax Day 2011 and Mom, Dad, Julia and I are in the lobby of the Plaza library listening to Julia intentionally say "Mama" for the first time. A milestone! Granted, she doesn't know who "mama" is or that "mama" is even a person. But still - she mimicked my mom saying it and it was clearly a milestone moment - just one key step beyond the "muhmuhmuhmuh" that'd she mustered up on occasion before.

Julia saying "mama"

Nothing to celebrate or observe on April 17 (that we knew of) - it was just a leisurely Sunday and a comfortable lunch and quality time and nice weather and chatting and holding Julia - every moment worth savoring before having to send Mom/"Honey" and Dad/"Papa" off again to catch their plane. I can't wait to see them again.

"Hooray for Honey and Papa!"

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Mom said...

Blessed, precious moments. You, Sergio and Julia are wonderful hosts!