15 February 2011

Long Trip to OKC

I decided a while back that a good use of my maternity leave would be to take a long trip to OKC to spend several days of un-rushed quality time with friends and family. It was a very good idea indeed.

Julia and I were scheduled to fly in Wednesday morning but the threat of a blizzard made me change my tickets to Tuesday night. When Mom and Dad picked me up from the airport and there wasn't a snow flake to be found, I jokingly accused them of having fabricated the whole weather advisory just to get 15 extra hours with Julia. But come Wednesday morning, the forecast came true and I was glad I was cozy at my parents' house and not trying to fly.

about 6 inches

We were only snow bound for a bit - not long enough to keep me from having a nice dinner out with my friends on Thursday night. The weather subsided soon enough for Julia to enjoy a few special visitors and visits, including having a whole day plus another whole evening with Mema.

sitting with Mema

holding hands

Ling and Minli were out of school two days and I suppose we should have gone out and made snow angels or snow people or something. But we didn't have appropriate winter wear and Honey had a recipe for pretzels, so we stayed inside and baked instead.

Best Pretzels Ever

Julia learning about pink from the expert

quality time with Papa

a traditional sink bath at Honey's

Sergio joined us Friday night after several long days of missing his Jujube. By Saturday, the snow was melting and the weather was downright gorgeous when we went to Minli's and Ling's basketball games.

Also on Saturday we prepared for two red-themed holidays - making the little creme wafers that we often make in my family for Valentine's Day, and donning red clothes to wear to a Chinese New Year party that night.

These cookies were so much more
delicious than I remember them being. I forgot to take a picture of the heart-shaped ones; Dad took a picture of the last three cookies and sent it to me.

Year of the Rabbit!

We headed home on Sunday and the whole way back to KC I thought about those delicious little Valentine's Day wafers ... and I kind of wished I could have stayed one more day so Julia could have spent Valentine's Day with her Honey and Papa. But it never matters how long or short my trips to OKC are, nor does it matter if they fall on a holiday or an anyday ... I always wish I could stay just one more day.

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