23 September 2010

It's a Girl

On September 19 at 8 AM, I delivered a 6-pound, 15-ounce baby girl: Julia Minerva

Julia and me - day one

She is perfect. The delivery was a success (a long, arduous success). And we are so, so happy.

Happy and baffled, I think. I keep trying to find the word to describe how I feel about her. It is like love. Only much more primal, more profound.

And I still can't believe it's a girl. She had everybody fooled. But she was a girl the whole time.

She came a week before her due date or, as I like to call it, right on time. I can't imagine having had to wait another week to meet my Julia.


teresa said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. eschewing gender expectations, arriving in her own way and in her own time--she's a feminist already. ;) congratulations again.

mom said...

What is more primal and profound than birth love?
Winford's observation on the day of birth was - such a miracle! And the miracle of miracles is that it happens every moment.

Linda said...

It's one of those things that you really can't describe to someone until they've experienced it, too. But "primal" is pretty close.

It's also for life, which is useful to remember when you're 40 and your mother still worries about whether you made it to work okay in the snow... something I only now realize as the mother of two resourceful, responsible, interesting and quite capable young adults who will nevertheless always be my babies.

Enjoy the journey.

Deena said...

I think the picture says what words can't. What a wonderful story she has already.