09 August 2009

Family Vacation in Los Angeles

Big Vacation No. 2 this summer (only a few days after No. 1) was to Los Angeles to attend a wedding on Sergio's mom's side of the family and to celebrate the milestone birthday of Sergio's dad with his side of the family. Which means we had quality time with lots of folks from far away in just five short days, in addition to seeing the sights in southern CA. We stayed in Pasadena first and visited Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory. The wedding was in Pasadena as well and it was big, beautiful, and fun. The day after the wedding we went to the "Inland Empire" to see the other side of the family and with them headed back out (outland?) to the coast to visit the beach and to tour the Queen Mary. Oh, and back at Sergio's aunt and uncle's house we ate the freshest oranges I've ever had. They were from the tree in their back yard. Oh, California, you temperate climate you.

All of the pictures are on Flickr; below are just a few...

These oranges traveled 1500 miles in my suitcase.


playing with The Nina

hooray for Hollywood

the whole gang at the wedding

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