16 July 2009


I went to see the new film Food, Inc. tonight (along with many other Green Drinks folk). Having already joined the local food club, I didn't really need any convincing. But I was convinced anyway.

I am usually content enough with the choices I make for my food, but the scope of the matter, as portrayed in this movie, made me discontent about the state of the industry. The industry which shouldn't really be such an industry. I cannot understand why the system that our world operates in could get so off kilter. Why the same regulatory agencies in place to protect consumers from food are the same organizations that are increasing risk; why society has made such high demands on our pocket books and such low demands on our health?

And I can't quite understand how to get out of it. I can afford to buy everything local and organic, but what about the people who can't? I can refuse to eat factory farmed chicken, but what about those who are so down and out that they can't refuse a job at one of those hideous factories? I can refuse anything with genetically modified soybeans in it. But what about those farmers who can't refuse the pollen from GMO seeds that wafts over from neighboring farms and contaminates their fields and gets them sued by Monsanto for patent infringement?

(And - yikes - how did we ever get to this point in the first place?)

Well, we handed out many KC Food Circle fliers and farmer directories after the movie - lots of great info that I hope people were amenable to hearing, especially after the movie. And the website for the film offers suggestions so I guess that's another good place to start, especially on the national level. I guess I already started trying for change by hoppin' on the locavore bandwagon. But perhaps there's something to do to start more or to start anew or to start again.

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