22 October 2008

Tiny Visitors

We found a lady bug on our window when we got home last night. It's rare to find bugs and such immediately outside of our seventh floor window so we took notice right away ... and then couldn't help but observe the clusters of them all over. I counted as many as fifteen at a time on one window. I think it was a convention. I looked for all their tiny little name tags that said "Hello, My Name Is..."

I was delighted to find them. But what they were all doing was beyond me. And why were they on my window. I like to think they were enticed by herbs in my window sill. (My urban herbs. My herbans, if you will.)

One lady bug made it inside - a mystery I have opted not to examine. They used to say - back in the day - that if a butterfly lands on you, it means that you are going to get a new dress. I'm pretty sure that, by the same superstition, if a lady bug lands on your wall it means you are going to get a new rain coat for your trip to Seattle.

POSTSCRIPT: This morning when we left for work we walked out the front door of our building and down the side walk stepping over (sigh) some lady bugs whose lives had been cut short. Perhaps by a fall from the seventh floor? A ghastly and strange demise (considering they have wings). I shudder to think what the nature of their convention may have been.


Anne said...

When I left work yesterday, there was one on the INSIDE of my car window. How'd it get there--climb up through the chassis? I'm glad I'm not the only one to have noticed the mysterious propagation of lady bugs in the last week.

P.S. Love "herbans." :)

Ben said...

Herbans! Ha!

There's a tasty restaurant in Olympia, WA called "The Herb & Onion". If you say it fast it becomes the Urban Onion, which is appropriate for the setting.

Guy Gadbois said...

Well, not to show off (which is what someone says right before they showoff), I have also had a ladybug visit along with a wasp nest outside my 25th floor window.

Emily said...

Hey Ti- er, uh, "Guy" -

25th floor, huh? Guess my little 7th floor lady bugs don't like their air so rarified. Three of them have moved in, by the way.

erin dennis said...

dont worry, em.. they've got no qualms about walking thru glass. and let me guess.. is it the southeast corner of the building? it's bizarre how they do that. Next year, the organisers will have set up some great ladybug speakers, and classes and seminars and the swag bags will be amazing for them, if you keep your taxes low enough and the incentives high, they may tell the crickets, but you dont want them - they are a rowdy bunch always looking for the night life.


Emily said...

lady bug swag bags - that is awesome, Erin!