15 January 2013

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas
Christmas was absolutely the best. House full of family, from a few people to a lot. Hustle and bustle and dinner and lunch and toys and puzzles and a giant tub of popcorn and several bags of peppermint bark and toffee.
puzzles for everyone
In many ways, this felt like Julia's first Christmas because it was the first Christmas when she was aware and could talk about it. Her struggle with Santa (she never did fully warm up to him), her "Mitmas" songs, her fascination with the baby Jesus, her presents.

Primos on Christmas morning
Clara and Abuelo

We finally had snow! It was short lived but lovely. 

playing in the "no" (Julia's pronunciation of snow)
The New Year - best part of my New Year's Eve was watching Julia dance to a Wii video game. She was timid, but so serious about following the moves as instructed on the screen. Best part of my New Year's Day - marking our 10th (!) wedding anniversary.