02 June 2009

Pasta with Kale, Vitamin Greens, and Sausage

Last week in our Fair Share share we got Vitamin Greens. I had no idea what to do with them and still am not quite sure what they are or why they are named so ... redundantly. (Aren't all greens vitamin-ous?) But I do know that they taste good.

vitamin greens and kale

Kale and sausage are a happy combination. I should mention that it's "sausage" for us - we use Field Roast grain meat sausages which are soy free, vegan, and delicious. So we set out to make a pasta with kale last night and added the vitamin greens, too. We sauteed them in oil with onion and garlic, added crushed red pepper, then added those to the pasta along with a few of my canned tomatoes; we sauteed the sausage separately and added it at the end. Our side salad was Fair Share Farm lettuce, Badseed edible flowers, and radishes - the first of the year, finally! - from Steve Mann.

to be sauteed

with sausage, cheese, and local basil

salad with flowers and radishes


Seana said...

Emily, you are just inspiring I tell ya! I am looking forward to the day when I can just "throw things together" with the local, fresh food I have in my kitchen like you seem to be so good at doing. Currently I have to plan ahead, fumble through Whole Foods for spices I was not even aware existed, ask questions, over buy and then hope for the best! But, every new recipe I complete I learn. Just bought ingredients for the rhubarb and orange lentil (learned about those today) stew. I'll let you know how it turns out, I may even post about it if I feel extra motivated. :)

Sarah M. said...

Yuuuuummmm! Great idea. Looking forward to copying you when our CSA starts...should be going in another couple weeks. Talked to Rachel Bonar at church this morning about it!

Emily said...

Thanks, Seana - don't feel daunted! It's a process that you will get used to - and you're creative so I have no doubt you will adapt well!

Sarah - remind me again what farm your CSA is with? I can't wait to hear about what you guys get. Is this your first year? Have you heard Up To Date yet? Rachel was on the show with me!